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Hello there! This post is dedicated to all desperate (or non desperate) curious souls out there who are seeking more information about Non-Incisional (DST) method of Double Eyelid Surgery, I would LOVE to help you and will try to be as detailed as possible. (:
I am not sponsored to do this post. I know how difficult it is to find references online and the amount of time you will spend scanning through Google just to find out which doctor is better or which procedure is more suitable for you, so hopefully this will make it all easier for you!
I am not encouraging plastic surgeries (I don’t disapprove either), nor am I saying that my doctor is the best. My personal opinions here are just additional advice you should keep in mind before doing your surgery. You should always do ample of research and make your own choice confidently. 


I have tapered double eyelids however it is quite hidden and if I put eyeliner on, it will look like I have mono eyelids. 

I got by many years by using eyelid stickers but the brand I was using was discontinued and I absolutely could not live without them (i know rightttt, such a drama queen!). So, I had to find a solution to it and that’s to undergo surgerylike finally? I have been talking about doing it for years but never had the guts to, heh.


Because of my natural double eyelid crease, I have multiple lines on my eyelid (only obvious when i am looking slightly downwards) after pasting the sticker which I am really bothered about. It makes me look tiredand if not, it looks like I have wrinkles on my eyelids *slaps palms on forehead*


Making an appointment with my doctor was relatively easy. I don’t remember having to call many days in advanced but please do so incase he is busy on the day you want to visit the clinic, which is very possible. Avoid wearing any eyelid stickers or glue few days before the consultation, and don’t put any eye makeup as well. It will help the doctor to assess your eyes better when it is in it’s natural state. He will basically let you know if you are suitable for doing eyelid surgery, and show you the different crease levels you can do.
ps: basically, as long as you don’t have saggy or droppy eyelids, you should be able to do non-incisional eyelid surgery.
I like my double eyelids to be obvious and because I naturally have tapered eyelids, I went for parallel crease at medium height. Keep in mind that if you do your creases too high, it might look a little weird without eyeliner.


I stopped wearing my eyelid stickers two weeks before my surgery but my advice would be to go as long as one month if you have been wearing stickers for as long as me. On the day of the surgery itself, my right eyelid was still parallel (as if I still have the sticker on), while my left eye has already reverted back to it’s normal state. I was SUPER stressful cause I was afraid it might affect the surgery but thank god, I don’t think it did. Eye makeup and contact lenses on the day of surgery are a huge NONO as well. 
After perfecting my ideal crease with his assistant, the doctor checked my eyes one more time to make sure both of the creases are balanced. I was then sent to the op room where they put numbing eyedrops into both eyes, similar to the kind they put in your eyes if you had lasik done before. I think I was on the bed for about 10 minutes or so before they started injecting my outer eyelids. It felt like 5 jabs, could be more or less. Not going to lie, it hurt like a BITCH, like red ants constantly biting your eyelids but still bearable since it was over in a few seconds. I thought the scary part was over but then they started injecting my inner eyelids too..omg… I think it was 3 jabs in there, awful. GOOD NEWS is… the worst part is over. The sewing process was painless, minimal discomfort on my right eye cause the skin was tighter but that’s it. Each eye took only 10 minutes and I was DONE DONE DONE! :D 
They sent me to another room where they placed ice pack on my eyelids for a few minutes and I was free to go after that. Remember to bring your shades so that you don’t scare any passerby or the person who accompanied you to the clinic cause it is going to be super swollen for the first 10 minutes. I called a cab immediately after the surgery and by the time I got home, my eyes didn’t look so horrifying anymorejust scary..haha.


I iced my eyes for five minutes every hour, applied the antibiotics cream they provided twice a day and ate the herbal pills for faster recovery (not included in the package cost) twice a day as well.
They said I could wash my face on the night itself but I somehow felt paranoid about it thus I only use a wet towel to wipe my face for 6 days straight. This is one time I am thankful for having dry skin, I don’t think my face felt oily at any point. 
You can go to the salon to wash your hair just to avoid any water touching the wounds at all but I just washed my hair with my head tilted backwards, a little troublesome but works fine.

The swelling went down pretty fast within the week, with it being most swollen on Day 3. It was pretty exciting seeing a change everyday!
By night of Day 1, i was already out and about. Night walks, movies, breakfast and etc, big glasses and shades are your best friends during the recovery stage.


I was back to work on the 7th day, my eyes were just looking a little puffy by then, like I cried the night before. You should take minimum one week leave if you plan to do the surgery, two weeks if you have the flexibility. By two weeks, my double eyelids were looking completely natural. During the one week recovery period, I ate lots of junk and watched lots of sitcoms, hehe. I only avoided seafood just incase it makes the wound itch. 

I went back for review on the 9th day and bought a gel cream (not included in the package cost) for the scars. It is supposed to smoothen the eyelid area and heal the scars faster. The additional medicine for the surgery are pretty pricey but since you are already paying that much for the surgery, might as well go all the way and perfect it right? 


Finally! Look how balance and proportionate the double eyelids are! I can never get that with eyelid stickers! 


I did my double eyelid surgery via the DST (Double Sulture & Twisting) / non-incisional method at Cambridge Medical Group by Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu. DST is a sophisticated version of the traditional stitching method, meaning it is more secure. Instead of double twisting, Dr Shen actually does triple twisting so it is extra extra secure. (:  I trust his skills since he was trained in Korea and everyone knows Korea have the best and most advanced plastic surgery techniques. I also found a few blogs recommending Dr Shen but I guess ultimately, you just have to book an appointment and talk to your doctor to be reassured that he will do a good job. 

Shens Clinic
3 Killiney Road, #09-08
Winsland House, Singapore 239519
Tel: 65 9641 6744


I paid 3k+ for the whole surgery, including medicine and consultation fees. I could have chosen to do it in Taiwan for less than half the price but my doctor told me that if I take care of my eyes well and be gentle with it (which means no rubbing or tugging at all), it can last FOREVER. Whereas stitching in Taiwan can only last for a few years. So between paying 3k for a lifetime and 1k for few years, I think the answer is pretty clear.


It has been a month now, my double eyelids look super natural, I am extremely pleased with it. (: Most people wouldn’t even be able to tell that I had a surgery done. There are visible small scars if you look closely but it will heal in time to come. The biggest advantage that I’ve gotten out of doing the op is that my natural double eyelid lines are gone, leaving only the new creases. I mentioned on top that I am really bothered by the multiple lines on my eyelids which are caused by my natural double eyelid crease + the higher crease that I am trying to force on by pasting stickers but somehow my natural crease disappeared after the surgery! WOOOO~

Taking care of my eyelids now is a little pain in the ass cause I have to be gentle at the eye area all the time. Especially during showers, I can’t use my hand to wipe down the water in my eyes so when I force my eyes open, sometimes the water will sting it. ): You can also say goodbye to facial or basically any treatment that might cause tugging on the eyelids. As I am involved in Muay Thai once a week, my partner has to try and avoid hitting me in the eye as one punch can lead to the strings breaking, sucks to be him. ): Be really gentle in removing eye makeup as well!
At the end of it, I still think all the hassle are worth it to waking up with pretty eyes everyday. I hope I covered every aspect of the surgery here, good luck to yours! 

UPDATE: Hi everyone, please leave comments below if you would like to ask me questions regarding the surgery. I have been receiving the same questions via my email and Instagram and it would help if everyone can share the extra info from my answers to everyone else ! :) 

Please note that I will not reply any emails or messages to my instagram anymore. Thank you! :D